Fitness Enthusiasts

Don't just try to get to your workout. Finish it.

When you’re focused on getting through your workday, a workout, and back home, you need sustained energy.  Including FRS products in your day provides the long-lasting, natural energy and improved mental function you need.

Spreading meals throughout the day and staying well hydrated can help prevent big swings in blood sugar and insulin levels that cause fatigue and lack of concentration. Not only is the timing important, but so is the quality of the food you consume. Unlike energy drinks that rely on chemicals, sugar and large doses of caffeine to create energy spikes, FRS delivers sustained energy with the patented FRS® Healthy Energy® formula that contains seven essential vitamins plus powerful antioxidants, including quercetin. This natural antioxidant works with our bodies to enhance the production of mitochondria, the energy-producing units in our cells. Until now, exercise has been the only practical way to increase the amount of mitochondria in cells.


The early bird needs energy: Wake up your body and mind by including one serving of FRS with breakfast—mix 2 oz FRS Concentrate into a fruit and vegetable smoothie.


Power up pre-workout: 30-60 minutes before working out, eat two FRS Soft Chews or one FRS Drink.​


Engage your secret weapon: Add a boost during activity with a serving of FRS and a little extra water for optimal fluid/sugar absorption. Add 2oz FRS Concentrate to your water bottle, plus 16-24 oz water.  Or an FRS Drink plus 6oz water.


Add carbs for the long haul: If you’re exercising for more than an hour, choose an FRS product higher in carbohydrates such as Soft Chews to keep your blood sugar normal and fuel your muscles.

As with all wellness advice, consult your doctor before making major changes to your diet and exercise routine.

Rikki Keen is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. She provides nutritional counseling and consultant services for hospitals, corporate health and wellness programs, government agencies and athletes. Her athletic clientele range from high school to Olympic level. Currently, Rikki is the sports dietitian for the NFL Training Facility at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports, the Columbus Crew MLS team and Florida Hospital’s Athlete Performance Program. In addition, she serves as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Alaska and dietitian for the Seawolves. As an FRS Scientific Advisor, Rikki appreciates and endorses the “science, synergy and honesty behind the FRS products.”